INTERESTED in sept 2019 - May 2020 sessions?

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Step 1 – Complete application to the WIT UCSD course

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Step 2 – Schedule an interview 

Step 3 – Start thinking about how you want to improve your community! 

Here are some details for your parent(s)

The class meets twice a month for 2 hours  – after school - usually between 5pm - 7pm or 6pm - 8pm 

WIT Locations
SAN DIEGO – Downtown (Downtown Works), Carmel Valley location
AUSTIN – Capital Factory
NEW YORK CITY – Google Headquarters 

Upon successful completion of the course students receive 6 units from UCSD. There is financial aid available for those that qualify (tuition is $2,525.00/year) - 30% of teens receive some form of financial aid. WIT also provides discounts for referrals and returning WIT Teens.

APPLY TODAY for 2019

WIT is committed to making sure teens from all socio-economic backgrounds have access to WIT. Please consider applying for scholarships or financial aid if cost is a concern.