Your Investment in Teen Entrepreneurs Starts Here



WIT is currently raising scholarship funds for 2019-2020
Our goal is to raise $12,500 for each WIT city (San Diego, Austin, NYC)
These funds will make it possible for more teens to have access to WIT


You can also mail your donation to:
550 West B Street
4th Floor
San Diego, CA 92101


Over the years, donations have made it possible for
over 200 teens to attend WIT’s college-credit program.

Thank you so much for giving me the scholarship which allowed me to do WIT. This year has been a transformative experience, one which has taught me more about myself than any other, and one which has forced me to grow in countless ways. As an entrepreneur, as a student, and as a person who is going forward into the rest of my life.
— Carmen S.

I have learned so much about the world of business and entrepreneurship and can’t wait to continue doing whatever it takes to get my business to succeed. With your help, I was able to learn networking and am now capable of reaching out to people for advice and help in my work. I learned how to make a website for my business so that the world can find out about it and also learned a great life lesson. I need to start taking matters into my own hands and do whatever it takes to succeed. I learned that good things don’t come easy and that if you want to get anywhere you have to work hard for it. In the WIT classes, they taught us about creating a business while not giving us a step by step procedure on how to do it. This allowed us to actually learn how to create one ourselves rather than having someone practically doing it for us. Thank you so much again for my scholarship and I want you to know that it was well worth the money.
— Lucas P.
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