Shoes for Thought

Hello! Our names are Pranav Sreekumar and Jon Solomon and we are the co-founders of the non-profit organization called Shoes 4 Thought. We collect new or lightly used clothing, shoes, socks, etc. for elementary kids in communities where lack of those items can lead to a child not attending school. We will bundle up donations into individual care packages for children. Once we have enough of these care packages created, we go to under-resourced schools around the area and provide them to students as an incentive to attend school on a daily basis. We are teaming up with Natalie DuBose from Natalie’s Cakes and More since she works closely with some schools that would benefit greatly from a program like Shoes 4 Thought.

*If you are in the St. Louis area, please help us collect clothing items for elementary kids. Once you have donations ready, please email us at and we will coordinate a pick up with you.  St. Louis residents can also help us connect with any other schools who you feel would benefit from a program like ours.  

*If you live further away but still wish to support us in achieving our goal, please consider sending a monetary donation below. We will use your donation to purchase items and will send you a description of the items we were able to purchase with your donation and a thank you note for your generosity and support.