Tune In To The 11 Tips for Doing WIT

Think back to a time when you struggled with something, and I mean really struggled. Now think of the moment that followed that. The moment where, after much trial and error, you finally managed to get that thing right.

Think of the way you felt at that moment. Accomplished. Proud. Successful. Right?

My name is Gaby Wellman, and for the two years I have been a WIT teen, I have been living my life according to 11 simple guidelines. I have found that these 11 things, more commonly known to those of us in the WIT community as the 11 Tips for Doing WIT, have helped me feel accomplished, proud, and successful in all of my endeavors.

Here is an example of using the 11 Tips in your life. So, if you have been wanting to learn how to play guitar for a while but haven’t been successful, this might be a good time to tune in (no pun intended).

1. Can’t Want It More Than You-- If you choose to take on the task of learning to play guitar, then it is something you have to really want. I say this from experience, it is not a task you take on just because your grandma thought it would be cool! If you are only taking on this task because someone else wants you to, then you are done before you have even begun.

2. It’s A Choice-- Whatever it is you are struggling to accomplish, remember that you chose to do it. If you would like to learn how to play guitar, thats awesome, but if you really want to learn how to play it well, you have to make a choice to dedicate your time to do so.

3. 10-10-10-- Consider the impact that putting in the time to learn how to play the guitar will have on you in the future. For example, sitting down for a few minutes a day might seem tedious and difficult in those 10 minutes, but within 10 days you could do it well enough to learn a whole song, and in 10 years maybe you’ll be playing at Carnegie Hall, you never know.

4. Set Yourself Up For Success-- As you learn how to play guitar, surround yourself with people and materials that can help you learn. Don’t go into it blindly, find things around you that can help you succeed!

5. KISS-- Keep It Super Simple! You don’t want the first chord you try to learn to be an F, you would want to start with some simple chords like an A or an Em.

6. Showing Up-- Setting goals for yourself could be a good idea in the first months of learning how to play. Make sure, however, that when you say you are going to practice every day for 10 minutes you follow through and show up for yourself. If you don’t, the only person who you are cheating is yourself!

7. Own It-- It is understandable that somethings might come up as you go through the journey of learning how to play guitar. If one day the whole Harry Potter series is on TV for a movie marathon and you don’t get around to playing that day, own up to it. You made a choice to do something else over practicing guitar (and who wouldn't for Harry Potter?) and that is okay, but be honest about it.

8. Living In Alignment-- Make sure that when it comes to playing guitar you are really being yourself. Maybe in your daily life your a huge country fan, but when it comes to learning songs on your guitar you go full hard rock metal because you think that’s cool. That would be a fatal mistake because you would be living your life out of alignment. It’s imperative to be true to yourself in all aspects of your life.

9. Step Into Your Greatness-- Believing in yourself is the most important part of learning something new. All you have to do to begin is to believe in yourself and step into the greatness you have within you.

10. Make an Impression-- Even if you think that you are the worst guitar player in the world, when you are showing your skills to others pretend like you are the best player in the world. Even if your skills didn’t attract your audience, your confidence will surely leave an impression.

11. Finish Strong-- Make sure that all of the excitement and grit you have at the beginning of learning how to play continues throughout the entire process. Finish just as strong as you started.

So next time you are struggling to do something-- whether it’s launching your own business or learning how to strum a new chord on your guitar-- remember to look back at the 11 Tips for Doing WIT for guidance.

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