frequently asked questions


Q: My child is very busy and has a full schedule, how does WIT fit in?

A: WIT college credit classes meet twice a month for two hours - usually between 6pm-8pm (after sports). WIT Teens spend approx. 30 min - 2 hours on outside of class WIT work. The time range is due to whether or not a teen is prepping for an event like Pitch Night or the launch of their enterprise.  
A: Do WIT hackathons are one-day events usually starting at 9:30 a.m. and wrapping up by 6:30 p.m..

Q: What type of skills will my child learn in WIT?

A: In WIT we believe that in order for teens to launch successful enterprises, or solutions to Challenges at the hackathons, they need to develop important skills like: public speaking, active listening, grit, time management and self-advocacy. WIT curriculum covers the development of these skills, along with developing of EQ and the academic knowledge of business development and the design thinking approach. 

Q: Who is running the programs?

A: WIT hires and trains facilitators who are entrepreneurs. WIT believes that you can't teach what you don't know, so making sure WIT teens have access to experienced entrepreneurs (and their networks) is essential. Our hackathons are run by WIT staff and partners.

Q: Why does the college credit program cost $2,525 and the hacks cost $99?

A: The tuition covers the cost of 6 units of college credit, salary of the facilitator, cost of some locations, insurance and additional expenses. It's important to WIT that teens from all economic backgrounds have access to the program, so WIT provides scholarships and financial aid to approx. 30% of teens. If cost is an issue, please consider applying for aid or scholarships. 
A: The hackathon fee covers the cost of putting on the event: staff, supplies, etc..

Q. Does WIT take a percentage of the enterprise created through college credit WIT program? 

A: Yes. WIT takes 20% of all donations/profits made in connection to WIT enterprises. WHY? Teens are able to accept tax-deductible donations through WIT's non-profit status. This incentivizes donors who not only want to help our teen entrepreneurs, but also want to benefit from the tax incentives. In regards to WIT receiving 20% of sales, our WIT teens do not have the "typical" expenses associated with most companies - i.e. rent, staffing, insurance, etc.. WIT provides infrastructure, support and access to a valuable network. For these reasons, WIT receives 20% of donations/profits. 



Q: How do I get involved with WIT?

A: We are excited you want to be part of WIT! Your first step is to complete an application to the program you are interested in … or both! Many of our teens do the college-credit program and the hackathons.

Q: What if I don't have an enterprise idea? 

A: All good! WIT will help you come up with an enterprise idea that combines your passion with a cause you care about. WIT believes that when your passion and purpose can make amazing impact (and profit)! 

Q: I'm so can I fit in WIT?

A: WIT understands that teens have very full schedules, we also know that we offering teens access to one-of-a-kind experiences (i.e. chance to do TEDx talks, travel to different cities to promote your enterprise, meet with famous entrepreneurs, land unique internships and jobs, college-credit in high school, etc..) so we want teens who understand how awesome it is to be in WIT. In each city we only accept 20 teens per cohort...and we want those teens to be committed. WIT also knows that life happens...along with sports, dance, WIT allows excused absences so you can pursue your other passions, too! 
A: Our hackathons are just one-day events, so if you have a Saturday, you can do WIT!

Q: Who will I meet in WIT?

A: Tons of cool people....seriously! You will meet teens from different backgrounds and cities (which is what many of our teens love about WIT!). You also get to meet leading entrepreneurs, CEOs, educators, community leaders - who participate as mentors, judges and investors.  In addition, you will have the opportunity to apply for unique experiences that involve travel, paid speaking gigs, network events and more! Many of our teens land jobs and internships through the connections they make in WIT.